Run Victoria 2016

Run Victoria 5K

Thank You!

We want to thank all of our great sponsors for the first annual Run Victoria 5K.  Because of them, 100% of your entry fee went to Warrick Trails and our effort to bring 30 miles of new walking, running and cycling routes to Warrick County.  Our sponsors care about our community and wellness.

Run Victoria 5K Sponsors

Race Results

Congratulations to all our winners.  Run Victoria was a huge success and we thank all of you who participated.

Overall Run Results »
Overall Walk Results »
Overall Results by Division »

Race Photos

All photos are free to download and share on social media. We just ask that you’ll please consider a kind donation to Warrick Trails.  Also, when sharing photos on social media, please tag others in the photo – this will help to spread the word about Warrick Trails and Run Victoria.

Race Photos (Series 1)
Race Photos (Series 2)
Photos of the Winners

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