Cycling Tips

Bike Tip: Rocking

If you experience upper body soreness focus on being still when you ride. Don’t wear yourself out by rocking from side to side with every stroke. Use that energy for going faster or farther.

Bike Tip: Saddle Position

1. There are numerous formulas for determining saddle height but a quick way to determine if your saddle height is correct is to make sure your knee is slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke. Your hips should not rock when you are riding. 2. To determine your...

Bike Tip: Hand Signals

Help motorists out by always using hand signals for turns, lane changes and stops: Left turn - left arm extended out with finger pointed Right turn - right arm extended out with finger pointed Brake - left arm held out at downward 90 degree angle with palm facing...

Bike Tip: Shoulders

Try and relax your shoulders to keep the upper body free of tension.  You will open up your chest which will allow you to breath deeply if you keep your shoulders back and not hunched over.

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