Fitness and Nutrition

Should I Eat Eggs?

We hear they raise our cholesterol, contribute to heart disease and should be limited. We have been told to avoid the yolk, eat the whites, buy processed egg substitutes. The fact is, eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods out there! This may be surprising to...

Genetically Engineered Food

Our food has become saturated with preservatives, food dyes, chemical additives that we can not pronounce, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, herbicides and hormones just to name a few.  Another bad food science experiment we are subjects of are GMO’s, genetically...

Oxygen Mask

I always get a good laugh when people try to relate the economies of scale theory with having children. No, having more children does not make parenting easier or cheaper. Trust me on this. I am the mother of six! That’s right: a half dozen beautiful children each of...

Heart Rate Monitors: Your True Effort Revealed

I jump on an elliptical machine, get warmed up and look down at my watch and see that my heart rate is way below where it should be based on my exercise goals. This number immediately tells me I need to focus on my workout and kick it up a notch. Although socializing...

The Evansville Half Marathon

Running and walking season is upon us. The cooler temps offer a perfect opportunity to get outside and get active. With the fall season comes a plethora of organized run and walk opportunities. As a veteran marathon runner (94 and counting), I am partial to these...

Bicycle Indiana

Promote. Educate. Advocate. Bicycle Indiana wants to help Hoosiers discover the freedom & benefits of using bikes for recreation, transportation & enjoyment. We simply want to see more people on bikes! Learn more at

EWG Guides

In the organic blog post I referred to the Environmental Working Group's guide to pesticides in produce. I wanted to touch on this amazing group again so you can benefit from all of their valuable information. They do a tremendous amount of research on environmental...

Should I Buy Organic?

In a society where the ingredient list on food labels looks more like a bad science experiment and no longer resembles food, I find great comfort in organic food.  Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation, reduce pollution,...

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