Improve Local Economy

Neighborhood trails improve economy

Trails enhance an areas marketability by connecting neighborhoods to parks, schools and retail establishments. The area becomes a more desirable place to live and nearby property values increase. Homebuyers indicate walking and biking trails are an important amenity in making purchase decisions. The Warrick Trails project has the potential to help attract the brightest in all areas of business and stimulate the local economy.

When we’re being compared to other cities, we need to have similar selling points to retain talent in any field.

Steve Roelle

We believe Warrick County Indiana residents and visitors deserve the highest quality of life in a healthy and economically thriving community.  We advocate this belief by working for the development of a network of trails and pathways that allow walking, running and bicycling through the region’s most scenic areas while connecting schools, parks, ball fields and gathering spots. This trail system will provide a safe and healthy means of transportation and recreation throughout Warrick County.

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