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Connecting Our Community

Warrick Trails is a donor-supported trail system that connects neighborhoods, schools, parks and retail establishments throughout Warrick County, offering a unique and desirable lifestyle amenity to both residents and businesses alike.

You can read more about the benefits below:

Safe routes to schools & parks

Safe routes for trails & bicycles
Minimal environmental impact
Improves personal health with exercise
Boosts local economy
Fosters community & socialization

Safe routes to
schools & parks

Warrick Trails is a network of trails and pathways that allow walking, running and bicycling through the region’s most scenic areas while connecting schools, parks, ball fields and gathering spots. As illustrated in the map below, new sidewalks, striped bike lanes, and upgraded intersections will bring the trail down 261 and past Castle North Middle School.  It will then travel down Casey Road via a new trail behind Castle High School and all the way down to Castle South.  Paved entryways from surrounding subdivisions will allow access for hundreds of families.

Autumn Walk
"We are very excited to partner with Warrick Trails to provide pathways for our community. These trails and pathways will provide safe travel between schools, parks, ball fields, and other gathering spots for Warrick residents and guests. We are hopeful these trails and pathways will promote and encourage healthier lifestyles by allowing community members to walk, jog, run, bicycle and exercise close to home and be one more reason people love living in Warrick County."

Brad Schneider

Warrick County School Superintendent

Screen Shot 2023-02-04 at 12.14.45 PM.png
Effective Safe Routes to School pedestrian and bicycle interventions have been found to:

Reduce traffic dangers that prevent children from walking to school

Cut rates of pedestrian and bicycle collisions by as much as 50 percent

Students who walk or ride their bicycle to school:

Get more daily physical activity

Have lower rates of obesity

Watch less television as teenagers

Are less likely to smoke as teenagers

Image by Murillo de Paula
Family Bike Ride

Safe routes & trails
for bicycles

More and more people are riding bikes, which means we need safer routes. For Warrick County Indiana residents and visitors, an improved trail network will help reduce risks associated with accidents that occur between automobiles, pedestrians and bikes.

"People literally are taking their lives in their hands to get outside, be active, exercise, and feel good. The trails will keep me and my family off the dangerous roads and allow us to be active closer to our home, in a safe environment."
Steve Roelle

Minimum environmental impact

We want the paths to be as environmentally friendly as possible. More residents bicycling or walking to work, retail establishments, schools or parks will decrease the amount of harmful emissions that are being produced by automobiles. Trails allow individuals to enjoy nature with minimal impact to the environment.

Help environment
Warrick Co. Trails provides our community safe inexpensive opportunities for physical fitness and recreation close to our home.

Myra Mardis

Warrick Trails Board Member

Jogging Together

Improves personal
health with exercise

Trails for walking and exercise promote physical activity and boost personal health. According to the Surgeon General, 40% of adults do not engage in leisure-time physical activity. In Warrick County, 32% of the population is obese. Physical activity helps control weight, it lowers the risk for heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, and it can reduce depression and anxiety.

“Warrick Trails at Friedman Park provides a safe option for our running group to enjoy on a weekly basis. We typically utilize the Old National Bank Loop, which is just over 5 miles, but also has options to increase or decrease mileage as necessary. If you get out early enough, the sunrises are breathtaking from the trail!”

Dustin Sergesketter

Warrick Trails Board Member

Boosts local economy

Trails enhance an areas marketability by connecting neighborhoods to parks, schools and retail establishments. The area becomes a more desirable place to live and nearby property values increase. Homebuyers indicate walking and biking trails are an important amenity in making purchase decisions. The Warrick Trails project has the potential to help attract the brightest in all areas of business and stimulate the local economy.

Clean Neighborhood
Seeing Newburgh’s Rivertown Trail was the moment I was “sold” on moving to Warrick County 10 years ago, and we have been blessed as a community to see the continuous growth in trail systems since then. Investing in trails improves quality of life, increases safety, and encourages residents to maintain healthy lifestyles. If we want to keep attracting and maintaining talent in our region, building trails is one of the best ways to make that happen!

Jacob Grear

Warrick Trails Board Secretary

Screen Shot 2023-02-04 at 12.35.33 PM.png

Fosters community & socialization

Quality of life is enhanced through opportunities for socialization. Trails provide a meeting place for residents and they result in a livelier community atmosphere. Easy access to recreation encourage people to participate in healthier forms of entertainment.

My family and I are grateful to be a part of a community that values trails and believes in the importance of an active population.  Our trails provide a safe connection between our schools, parks and neighborhoods and promote a healthy lifestyle.  We are all better off because of Warrick County’s commitment to promote a better place to live and work.

Kyle Dodd

Warrick Trails Board Treasurer

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