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Developed by Warrick Wellness Pathways, a not for profit group of volunteers in cooperation with area officials and corporate donors, Warrick Trails is an initiative to improve the quality of life for Warrick County residents and visitors alike.

Warrick Trails is a donor-supported trail system that connects neighborhoods, schools, parks and retail establishments throughout Warrick County, offering a unique and desirable lifestyle amenity to both residents and businesses alike.


By providing safe walking and cycling routes to residents seeking to engage in healthy activities, Warrick Trails promotes and encourages better health and wellness, and allows residents to get outdoors and enjoy nature and an active lifestyle.


For businesses, Warrick Trails stimulates local economy by connecting residents to their places of business, and attracts quality employees by making Warrick County a more desirable place to work and live.


Board Members 

  • Courtney TenBarge - Executive Director

  • Claire Bosma - President

  • Scot Davidson - Vice President

  • Kyle Dodd - Treasurer

  • Jacob Grear - Secretary

  • Steve Roelle

  • Andy Peter

  • Dustin Sergesketter

  • Myra Mardis

Contact Us

P.O. Box 727

Newburgh, IN 47629

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