30 miles of New Trails by 2018

Warrick Trails is a network of trails and pathways that allow walking, running and bicycling through the region’s most scenic areas while connecting schools, parks, ball fields and gathering spots. This trail system provides a healthy, eco-friendly means of transportation and recreation in Warrick County.

Developed by Warrick Wellness Pathways, a not for profit group of volunteers in cooperation with area officials and corporate donors, Warrick Trails will improve the quality of life for the area’s residents and visitors alike. The initial goal of Warrick Trails is “30 x 18” - 30 miles of new, connected trails completed by 2018.

Why Trails Make Sense

Trails Improve Our Community in Many Ways


Quality of life is enhanced through opportunities for socialization.

Personal Health

Trails promote physical activity and health.

Local Schools

Paths between local schools and parks promotes walking and bicycling.


Trails enhance an area's marketability by connecting neighborhoods to parks, schools and retail establishments.


Trails help reduce risks associated with accidents that occur between automobiles, pedestrians and bikes.


More residents bicycling or walking to work, retail establishments, schools or parks will decrease the amount of harmful emissions that are being produced by automobiles.

Support the Trails

Spread the Word

Tell a family member, friend or neighbor about Warrick Trails. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Google+. Get the word out!


We rely on the dedication and passion from incredible people just like you. Pathway infrastructure is a worthwhile investment for our community. Support us and donate now!


We'd love to have you to join our forces. If you have any questions about how to get involved, please feel free to ask us.

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