What is Warrick Trails?

We believe local area residents deserve the highest quality of life in a healthy and economically thriving community.  We advocate this belief by working for the development of a network of trails and pathways that allow walking, running and bicycling through the region’s most scenic areas while connecting schools, parks, ball fields and gathering spots. This trail system will provide a safe and healthy means of transportation and recreation throughout Warrick County.

Why Trails Make Sense

Safe Routes to Schools and Parks

Paths between local schools and parks not only creates safe routes for the children of our community, but also promotes walking and bicycling. It also teaches kids that bikes are not just for recreation, but also transportation.

Safe Routes and Trails for Bicycling

More and more people are riding bikes, which means we need safer routes. Trails help reduce risks associated with accidents that occur between automobiles, pedestrians and bikes.

Boost Personal Health

Trails promote physical activity and health. According to the Surgeon General, 40% of adults do not engage in leisure-time physical activity. In Warrick County, 32% of the population is obese. Physical activity helps control weight, it lowers the risk for heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, and it can reduce depression and anxiety.

Improve Local Economy

Trails enhance an areas marketability by connecting neighborhoods to parks, schools and retail establishments. The area becomes a more desirable place to live and nearby property values increase. Homebuyers indicate walking and biking trails are an important amenity in making purchase decisions.

Community & Socialization

Quality of life is enhanced through opportunities for socialization. Trails provide a meeting place for residents and they result in a livelier community atmosphere. Easy access to recreation encourage people to participate in healthier forms of entertainment.

Decrease Environmental Impact

More residents bicycling or walking to work, retail establishments, schools or parks will decrease the amount of harmful emissions that are being produced by automobiles. Trails allow individuals to enjoy nature with minimal impact to the environment.

Evansville City View: Connecting Community

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Free Day of Fitness at Bob’s Gym

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Order your Brick Paver today!

Support Warrick Trails and honor your family members, friends, businesses or fraternal organization in perpetuity by purchasing your custom brick paver today! Your brick will be paved at one of the trailheads in the network of Warrick Trails.  All bricks are laser...

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The Warrick Trails project is donor-supported, means we rely on donations. Because of your generosity, we are able to develop and maintain this extraordinary public project. Together we work to enhance quality of life and help our community and economy grow in ways that are healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable for people of all ages.


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