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Warrick Trails is a donor-supported trail system that connects neighborhoods, schools, parks and retail establishments throughout Warrick County, offering a unique and desirable lifestyle amenity to both residents and businesses alike.

Trails in Warrick County

Toyota Trailhead

Toyota has generously sponsored the Trailhead at Hwy 261, conveniently located next to Castle High School. This trailhead serves as a vital connector between various trails in the area, linking Castle High School to Castle South Middle School, Deaconess Trailhead, Upgrade Trailhead (Vann Park), Amax Fields, and Friedman Park. Thanks to Toyota's support, residents and visitors can enjoy access to these trails.

- 2.3 Miles to Upgrade Trailhead at Vann Park
​- 2.5 Miles to Deaconess Trailhead at Anderson Rd
- 2.5 Miles to Amax Fields

- 3 Miles to Friedman Park
Toyota Trailhead-2.jpg
Deaconess Trailhead.jpg

Deaconess Trailhead

Deaconess has sponsored the Trailhead at Anderson Rd. This trailhead serves as a vital connector between various trails in the area, and serves the the start for the Old National Bank Loop. This is a great place to park to easily get to Friedman Park (1/2 mile) and can also access the following places by trail: Upgrade Trailhead (Vann Park), Castle High School to Castle South Middle School, and Amax Fields. We are grateful of Deaconess' support of trails for the betterment of our community.

- 1/2 mile to Friedman Park
- Connected to ONB 4.75 mile Loop
- 1.9 Miles to Upgrade Trailhead (Vann Park)

-2.0 Miles to Amax Fields 

Old National Bank Loop

Old National Bank has generously sponsored the ONB Loop, a 4.75-mile trail loop that offers seamless connections between various destinations. Starting at the arch, it connects Deaconess Trailhead, Friedman Park, the Victoria Woods Trail, and the Upgrade Trailhead at Vann Park, before circling back to its starting point, all via a well-maintained trail. Additionally, this loop provides access to the Amax Trail, as well as the Toyota Trailhead, Castle High School, and Castle South Middle School. We are immensely grateful to Old National Bank for their invaluable support, which has allowed Warrick Trails to create this highly utilized loop, connecting numerous parts of our community.

-4.75 Mile Loop

-Starts at Deaconess Trailhead

Old National Bank Loop.jpg

Upgrade Trailhead

The Upgrade Foundation sponsored the Trailhead at Vann Park, which serves as a vital connector within the trail system. There was also 1/2 mile loop added around a scenic lake at this location. The Trailhead provides convenient parking options and offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely walk around the lake or utilize the trail connection to access other locations, including Friedman Park, the Deaconess Trailhead, Amax Fields, the Toyota Trailhead, Castle High School, and Castle South Middle School. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Upgrade for their invaluable support, which has enabled Warrick Trails to create and promote opportunities that facilitate healthy living through easy access to trails for our community.

- Connects to a 1/2 mile loop around Vann Park Lake
- 1.9 Miles to Deaconess Trailhead
- 1.9 Miles to Amax Fields
- 2.3 Miles to Toyota Trailhead @ Castle High School
Paving Vann Trail.jpg

Vann Rd Trail

3.1 mile trail on Vann Rd from Wethers Rd to Castle High School @ Hwy 261

- 3.1 mile trail 
-Get on directly on Vann Rd trail from the
    following Trailheads with parking lots:

​        ~Toyota Trailhead
        ~Upgrade Trailhead

Nevins Trailhead

Coming Spring 2024

View trailhead
Coming Soon!

Amax Trail

Coming Spring 2024

- 1 mile Trail from Vann Rd to Lincoln Ave on Anderson Rd

Victoria Woods Trail

Beautiful trail through the scenic Victoria Woods.  A 1.7 mile trail off of the Old National Bank Loop at Wethers Rd.

-1.7 Mile Trail from ONB Loop through Victoria Woods, Indiana
View trail

Ascension Trailhead

Ascension St. Vincent has generously sponsored a trailhead in the heart of Downtown Newburgh, contributing to the revitalization of the beautiful Aurand Trailhead. The remodeling of this trailhead involved the addition of parking facilities and the creation of an aesthetically pleasing space. This trailhead serves as a starting point to the downtown Newburgh Rivertown Trail, a stunning 3-mile trail that winds alongside the picturesque Ohio River. Ascension's support allowed Warrick Trails to update and enhance the Aurand Trailhead, ultimately revitalizing this scenic space for the enjoyment of the community.

Boonville Trailhead-1.jpeg

Prime Foods Trailhead

Prime Foods has generously sponsored a trailhead within the Boonville Industrial Park. This trailhead features a 1/4 mile track loop adorned with four fitness stations, offering a comprehensive workout experience that includes activities such as box jumps, pull-up/dip bars, push-up bars, and a sit-up station. The addition of parking facilities and a picturesque shelter equipped with picnic tables further enhances the appeal of this area. Prime Foods also takes on the responsibility of maintaining this invaluable Trailhead, which stands as a true gem in the community.

-1/4 mile track loop
- 4 Fitness Stations


Lynnville Trail

The Lynnville Trails is a beautiful 2.1 mile asphalt trail connecting Lynnville's Community Center with Lynnville Park and Tecumseh High School.  This enables students to ride or walk to school safely, allows the community to be connected to the beautiful park and safely get active outside along the most picturesque trail in the tri-state area.

Lynnville Trail_edited.jpg

IMCU Trailhead

The Indiana Members Credit Union sponsored the IMCU Trailhead is located at the Newburgh branch parking lot.  With this partnership, a covered bench area, water fountain and bike rack area that connects to the 1/2 mile High Point Trail along High Point Dr. connecting the bank to restaurants, apartments and shopping centers.

  • Connects to High Point Trail
  • Connects entire complexes on High Point Dr.
Screenshot 2023-08-14 150541.png
Surface Coat-2_edited.jpg

High Point Trail

0.6 mile asphalt trail along High Pointe Dr.  This connects Libbert Rd to Bell Rd and allows for community connectivity to apartments, multiple restaurants, Walmart, and office buildings.

  • 0.6 mile trail

Wellness Trail

A 1.5 mile asphalt trail along the heart of the region's wellness corridor.  This pathway begins off Epworth Rd and connects multiple healthcare facilities, hotels, apartments and restaurants.  It connects to Warrick Trails High Pointe Trail.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 141641.png
Rivertown Trail.jpg

Rivertown Trail

The Rivertown Trail is a multi-use greenway that extends from Angel Mounds State Historic Site to the new Locks & Dam Park along the Ohio River Scenic Byway. It travels right through the heart of downtown Newburgh along its riverfront, with restaurants and coffee shops along the way and a farmers’ market on Saturdays. The trail includes trailheads, interpretive signage, and attractive landscaping.

View trail
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